Celebrate Recovery




The Purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to develop relationships with others and to experience God’s healing power in our lives through the 12 Steps and 8 Principles of recovery. We are changed through this experience. We begin by sharing our experiences, strengths and hope with others. Further, we become willing to accept God’s grace in solving our life’s problems.

As we work to understand and apply the Biblical principles that direct the Celebrate Recovery program, we begin to grow spiritually. We recognize our own dysfunctional, compulsive and addictive behaviors, and become free from them. This freedom creates a peace from within, serenity, joy, and foster stronger personal relationships with God and others.

Who Benefits?

Quite simply, anyone whose life has become unmanageable will benefit from this ministry. Some of the hurts, hang-ups, habits and life circumstances that are represented in our meetings include:

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Alcoholism
  • Anger and Rage
  • Codependency
  • Compulsive Control of Others
  • Divorce Care
  • Drug Addictions
  • Food Addictions
  • Grief Care
  • Pornography
  • Sex and Lust
  • Uncontrolled Spending
  • Tobacco Use

Even if you did not see yourself in the list above, if you are finding it difficult to maintain a meaningful relationship with God, others or yourself, consider attending Celebrate Recovery. Come and join a family of believers who, like you, desire a positive life change, to become free from the burdens of sin and pain, and intentionally live the life God has intended for us.