Men’s Ministry

What does it mean to be a man? In a world that is ever pressing against masculinity – how can a man be who God made him to be? For generations now both men and women have felt the impact of fatherless homes, and single mothers. There is no question of what men are up against in the times in which we live. Masculinity gone bad has lead to grave misunderstandings, and a social war against it. Eagle Ridge Men(ERM) are here to set the record straight. The only way to do that is to empower men to be men by connecting them with Christ.

ERM’s focus is to provide specific ways that men can practically take that next step. No matter where they are in life. No matter what they have done, where they have been, or where they currently stand with God.

The Christ centered masculine approach to our identity, our responsibilities, and God’s purpose for our lives help men to find their true strength. The strength to be the husbands their wives need them to be. The wisdom to be the fathers their children depend on. The confidence in who they are, and what God has called them to do that the world craves.

So are you ready? Are you tired of living life small? Are you fed up with simply surviving instead of living life to the fullest? If so, then mount up and get involved in one of the areas below. God willing your life will never be the same.

ERM Groups– Weekly meetings with men of all walks of life. Spending time in God’s word. Doing life together for 12 weeks at a time. You’ll find comradory, challenge, and real growth personally and spiritually. Email David to join a ERM Group today.

Mentorship Program– A year long commitment for two men to work through the challenges of life together. If you have never had a formal mentor before, it will change your life for the better. Getting older wiser council, and a different perspective on your life is invaluable. If you are interested in being a Mentor, or a Protege email

Phase Programs– ERM Phases are intensive 6 week courses that are a swift punch to the gut with exactly what you need. Like a men’s weekend boot camp spread out to give men the greatest opportunity for real life change. If you can not commit to all 6 weeks, don’t sign up. If you’re ready to take your walk with God to a whole new level email

Men’s Breakfast– This is our largest gathering of men. It is a great time of fellowship, and a good meal. Followed up with practical hands on teaching from God’s Word. Our Men’s Breakfasts happen every other month. For the latest dates, check out Facebook page @EagleRidgeMen or email

Outreach Events– ERM has regular outreach events for men. For the latest one we are partnering with the Eagle Ridge Riders Motorcycle Ministry for a Car/Motorcycle show on July 22nd. It is a family event, and there will be a lot to see an do. For more information click here.

Service Projects– Face it, men are doers, and fixers. These service projects let us bless others with calloused hands and sweat from our brow. We serve local families, and areas in the local community. For our next service project email

Mission Trips– God has called us all to share the Gospel of Christ with the world. For some of us that extends beyond our own backyard. With short term trips to Mexico, and longer trips to Asia, and the Far East we send men where they are needed. These trips are truly life changing for all involved. For info on ERM Missions email

Men’s Retreat– “Fearless 2017” This year we will be facing our fears head on in the beautiful San Jacento mountains. Fear keeps us stuck, and prevents us from being the men that God has called us to be. Join us today by clicking here.

Through our partnership with Anvil Ministries:
Friday Night Forge– Every Friday night a group of men gather for dinner, discussion and a experiential message. Like a church service built exclusively for men. We keep things hands on, and real in our exploration of Christian living. For more information email

Man Night– The last Friday of every month men gather up to have a good time. Dinner, Polker, and some kind of shenanigans. Games, and fun nothing more. This is a great place to come for the first time to get to know some of the other men. It is also a great place to invite men that are not interested in going to church.
**Note** Although no one gets buzzed or drunk beer is usually available with dinner. If anyone struggles with alcohol this may not be a good fit. We don’t want to place a stumbling block infront of anyone, but also are not against the appropriate use of alcohol. If you have any questions, or would like to attend email

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